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  • As Ebola Cases Top 10,000, Obama Says America Can "Beat" The Deadly Virus

    Following the sad death of its first Ebola case, Mali's President has said he will not close his nation's border with Guinea, because "the incident showed it was impossible to completely seal his country."


    Mali's neighbors, on the other hand, are shutting borders, as Mauritania tries not to become Africa's 7th Ebola-infected country. This brings, according to The WHO, the number of cases of Ebola to 10,141 with 4,922 dead (so far).


    Americans should not worry though, for the 2nd week in a row, President Obama devoted his address to the subject of Ebola, explaining "basic facts" of how difficult it is to catch (despite the need to enforce mandatory quarantine for healthcare workers) and in 'USA USA USA'-esque language, explains how "Americans can beat" the deadly virus.

    *  *  *

    As Reuters reports, the death of Mali's first Ebola case will not prompt its to close its borders...

    Mali will not close its border with neighbouring Guinea after a two-year-old girl infected with Ebola was brought across the frontier by her grandmother and died in Mali this week, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita said on Saturday.


    The girl travelled hundreds of kilometres through Mali - including a stop in the capital Bamako - on public transport, potentially exposing many people to the virus, before she died in the western town of Kayes on Friday.


    Malian authorities have isolated 43 people, including 10 health care workers who had contact with the child in the town of Kayes, where she was taken for treatment, the W.H.O. said.


    Keita said that the incident showed it was impossible to completely seal his country off from Ebola in neighbouring Guinea but said he remained calm as the girl's journey and potential contacts had already been traced.


    "Guinea is Mali's neighbour. We have a shared border that we did not close and we will not close," he told France's RFI radio station.

    But Mauritania closed its border with Mali... (via Xinhua)

    Mauritania has closed its border with Mali, where an Ebola death was confirmed in the border area this week, a local health official told Xinhua on Saturday.


    "The authorities of Nouakchott gave instruction to conduct the closing of the all terrestrial points of passage situated on the border," said Dr Limam Deddeh, physician chief of the border city of Kobonni.


    The border closure, which came after the first confirmed Ebola death in Mali, was meant to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus to the local population, said the doctor.

    But Americans should not worry... President Obama (and his new Czar) are "focused" on the fight against Ebola and for the 2nd week in a row, makes his weekly address about the deadly virus (which is not very contagious and nothing to be alarme about - aside from the need to mandatorily quarantine any healthcare worker entering the US)...

    Having explained the "basic facts" of how difficult it is to catch (despite the need to enforce mandatory quarantine for healthcare workers), dismissing Rep. Peter King's warnings...

    Rep. Peter King believes Ebola may be more of a threat than doctors are telling the public.


    In an interview with Long Island News Radio last week, the New York Republican expressed his concern that the virus has mutated and become airborne, according to BuzzFeed.


    You know my attitude was it’s important not to create a panic and it’s important not to overreact and the doctors were absolutely certain that this can not be transmitted and it was not airborne and yet we find out the people who have contracted it were wearing all protective gear,” King said.


    King used the two nurses who were stricken with Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with the virus in the U.S., as a prime example of how doctors could be wrong about the way the virus is spread.


    “Listen, I don’t blame doctors or the medical profession for not being up to date on the latest mutation,” King said.


    “I mean, they should try to be and they should work at it but less I think they should be less definite when they make these pronouncements. That there is absolutely nothing to worry about, this can’t be transmitted airborne, that there’s nothing to worry about.”


    His bottom line: Take the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s warnings about Ebola — that it is only transmitted through bodily fluids — with a grain of salt.

    ...and in 'USA USA USA'-esque language, Obama explains how "Americans can beat" the deadly virus.

  • Meet The Millennials: All You Ever Wanted To Know About America's Youth, In Charts

    When it comes to the future of the US, the biggest question mark by far is
    anything relating to the Millennial generation, those Americans born
    between 1980 and 2000, which happens to be one of the biggest
    generations in US history.

    In fact, the largest US age cohort is currently the 23 year olds. However, Millennials are different from previous generations in many ways. For example, today’s 25-34 year olds are more likely to be minorities (40%) and a higher share of them has college degrees (35%). In addition, they are choosing different fields of study in college: while engineering was in the top five bachelors’ degrees awarded in 1980, in 2010, psychology replaced it in the top five rankings. This student debt-bubble funded college infatuation also happens to be the biggest curse of the Millennials, and as discussed a year ago, "Millennials Are Devastated As American Dream Becomes Nightmare For Most."

    Still, despite their differences, and the over $1 trillion in student debt which is making the US economic recovery virtually impossible, Millennials are in many ways like prior generations. Or rather better be if there is to be any hope of the conventional Keynesian medicine fixing a problem that may be at its core demographic (just like in Japan).

    In order to get a better grasp of the wants and needs, as well as problems and liabilities of the Millennial generation, we present various extensive charts that highlight the key issues surrounding those young Americans which are gradually entering their post-college careers only to find pervasive disappointment.

    First, as noted, here is the size of the Millennial generation in context:

    They may be everywhere, but their job opportunities are limited, and not only in the US...


    Which is also pushing the labor participation rate lower. Sorry BLS apologists: it has nothing to do with demographics and everything to do with global economic depression.


    So without job opportunities, Millennials are forced to spend more and more time in a state of suspended occupational animation while hoping for better days.


    Although as we noted earlier this week, record "student debt" is not just a young person problem any more: increasingly people in their 50s, 60s and 70s are crippled by loans they took out to help their professional development, which they find they simply can't pay back.


    Still, there is some hope that the college (and student debt) bubble are bursting: college admissions in the past two years have declined.


    So with fewer job opportunities available to Millennials, and with virtually no wage growth to talk of (for anyone, not just the young), it is not surprising that median incomes for those in the late 20s and early 30s have stagnated, usually at the expense of those 2-3 decades older.


    In fact, of all nations, America's youth seem to be the most disadvantaged of all relative to the national average in recent years (whether Gen X and mostly the Baby Boomers are to blame is a different topic entirely.


    The simplest way to show the lost income opportunity for Millennials is the following chart of median income for 25-34 year olds as a % of total:


    With less disposable income, and thus fewer assets, today's youth is finding it ever more difficult to build up a solid credit history...


    ... which  means with less credit available, they have to save up cash for rainy days...


    ... and another logical outcome: fewer can afford to buy homes and start familiies, instead chosing to live in their parents' basement...


    ... which assures that a Japanese style demographic collapse is just a matter of time.


    It also means that the old American Dream of buying a home is increasingly impossible for most. The new American dream: renting.


    To summarize the Millennial predicament: overeducated, with less disposable income and drowning in student loans. Yet like every other generation before them, they too have needs, wants and desires. In the purely materialistic realm these are the key needs as self-reported by Millennials.


    The charts below summarize what they spend money on compared to all households:


    Somewhat curiously, there hasn't been a dramatic change in the distribution of household spending over the past two decades:


    Still, there is a notable shift in more recent years, especially when it comes to discretionary spending and education.


    They may not have much disposable income, but they do have a vocal brand preference.


    And while it is unclear if today's youth consumes fewer calories due to health reasons or simply because it can't afford to eat as much (or simply is getting better at self-delusion when reporting consumption patterns)...


    ... one thing is clear: they want their cell phone...


    ... and their online video.


    So with all that bad news, what are Millennials to do? Why drown their sorrow in booze of course. Or rather, beer: that may be all they can afford these days.


    Finally, for those who want to put all this together and invest based on the above information, here is a quick snapshot from Goldman of what the bank's preferred Millennial-inspired strategies are:


  • The Failure Of The Fed's 'Wealth Creation' Mandate (In 1 Simple Chart)

    Having previously shown just who did (and did not) benefit from the resurgence of household net worth, we thought it time to provide the context for why The Fed's stunningly obvious policy of juicing asset inflation in the hopes of engorging animal spirits among the general population and a renaissance in public spending is a total and utter wealth-inequality-driving farce. As Evergreen Gavekal indicates so obviously, the consumer isn't fooled by Fed policy; despite a major uptick in household net worth, spending remains anemic.



    Simply put - 3rd time was not the charm... and as is evident the 'transmission' to spending is getting less and less effective with each new Fed-driven, cheap/free-money inspired boom (and bust)


    Source: Evergreen Gavekal

  • NYC Ebola Patient's Condition Worsens As Fiancee Returns Home

    New York City health officials have released Morgan Dixon, the 30-year-old fiancée of recently diagnosed Ebola patient Dr. Craig Spencer, to her West 147th Street Manhattan apartment where, as WSJ reports, she will remain under mandatory quarantine. This 'good' news comes as New York's Department of Health issues a statement on the deteriorating condition of Dr. Spencer who "is entering the next phase of the illness, which is anticipated gastrointestinal symptoms." This was expected apparently, as NYC's health commissioner Mary Basset noted, "we've seen with this disease that it continues to get worse before it gets better." A large CDC team is actively involved.



    The good news... (via WSJ)

    New York City health officials were preparing Saturday to release the fiancée of a recently diagnosed Ebola patient to her Manhattan apartment where she will remain under quarantine.


    Morgan Dixon, 30 years old, was in close contact with Dr. Craig Spencer since he returned to his New York City home on Oct. 17 from treating Ebola patients in Guinea, officials said, and had been with her fiancé at Bellevue Hospital Center since he was diagnosed with the virus on Thursday.


    Ms. Dixon was free to leave the hospital Saturday, according to Dr. Bassett. She had no symptoms and had been admitted out of caution, the health commissioner said.


    Dr. Bassett said she was confident the city had tracked down everyone that Dr. Spencer had come into contact with.

    The bad news...Dr. Spencer's condition deteriorates...

    Ebola patient entering next phase of illness, which is anticipated gastrointestinal symptoms, according to joint statement from Health and Hospitals Corp., Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.


    Patient is awake and communicating


    Bellevue clinical team is in constant communication with CDC and other leading medical centers such as Emory University Hospital and Nebraska Medical Center


    Large CDC team has been advising Bellevue staff


    In addition to required supportive therapy, Bellevue initiated antiviral therapy within hours of admission; also administered plasma therapy yesterday; these therapies have been used at Emory and Nebraska

    "We've seen with this disease that it continues to get worse before it gets better," Dr. Bassett said.

    *NY EBOLA PATIENT RECEIVED CHIMERIX'S BRINCIDOFOVIR (the same drug that did not work for Thomas Duncan in Dallas)

    As NY Times reports,

    The statement was careful not to convey a sense of pessimism, and patients undergoing treatment can worsen before they recover. In a brief telephone interview from his room at Bellevue, Dr. Spencer spoke in a neutral tone that seemed stripped of illusions: “I’m still undergoing treatment,” he said.

    *  *  *

    Joint Statement of Health and Hospitals Corporation and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

    The patient at Bellevue Hospital Center is entering the next phase of his illness, as anticipated with the appearance of gastrointestinal symptoms.


    The patient is awake and communicating. The Bellevue clinical team in charge of care for the patient is in constant communication with CDC and with other leading medical centers such as Emory University Hospital and the Nebraska Medical Center.  A large CDC team has been actively involved in advising the Bellevue staff and we are very appreciative of the additional guidance. 


    In addition to the required supportive therapy, we initiated antiviral therapy within hours of admission. We also administered plasma therapy yesterday. These therapies have been used at Emory and Nebraska.


    The patient's fiancée will return to her home this evening under quarantine. 

    *  *  *

    The full timeline of Dr. Spencer's time since arrival, in NYC...

    On 10/14, the patient departed Guinea on a flight to Brussels. Patient reported no symptoms.

    On 10/17, the patient boarded a flight to the U.S. on Brussels Airlines Flight SN0501. Patient reported no symptoms.

    On 10/17, the patient arrived at JFK. The patient was screened at JFK and had no symptoms upon arrival.

    On 10/21 at 7 AM, the patient reported fatigue and exhaustion. No fever, vomiting, diarrhea. Fatigue is a symptom of Ebola, but it is very unlikely that people he came into close contact with on 10/21 are at risk. Out of an abundance of caution, we are  actively monitoring the health of these close contacts.

    On 10/21, around 3:00 PM, the patient visited The Meatball Shop. The Meatball Shop is located at 64 Greenwich Avenue. Spent 40 minutes at The Meatball Shop.

    On 10/21, around 4:30 PM, the patient visited the High Line. Walked on High Line and stopped at the Blue Bottle Coffee stand (10th Ave & W 16th St)

    On 10/21, around 5:30 PM, the patient got off the High Line at 34th Street and took the 1 train to the 145th Street station.

    On 10/22, around 1:00 PM, the patient went running along Riverside Drive and Westside Highway

    On 10/22, around 2:00 PM, the patient went to pick up Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share at 143rd St and Amsterdam Avenue (Corbin Hill Farm) Patient picked up box and brought back to apartment

    On 10/22, around 5:30 PM, the patient left for The Gutter bowling alley in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with two friends. For his arrival at Gutter, the patient took the A train at 145th Street and transferred at 14th Street and took the L train to Bedford Avenue.

    On 10/22, around 8:30 PM, the patient left The Gutter. For his return trip, the patient used Uber as his means of transportation.

    On 10/23, around 10:15AM, the patient first reported a fever. At this point, the patient called Medecins Sans Frontieres and the New York City Health Department. He was immediately taken to Bellevue by FDNY EMS. The patient was tested for Ebola at the Health Department’s Public Health Lab. Test results are presumptive positive for Ebola. A confirmatory test will be conducted by the CDC; results will be available within the  next 24 hours.

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