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Latest News

  • Saturday Humor: iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S5

    As untold millions unwrap their shiny new iPhone 6's this weekend, we thought the following would be useful for some context...


    Source: The Onion

  • The Decline Of America's Economic Model In 1 Simple Chart

    "You can't eat GDP, and you can't live in a rising stock market" is the striking phrase from NY Times' Neil Irwin as he offers the most damning chart of the decline of America's Economic Model (and dream). As we have explained vociferously, the most important thing to understand about today’s economy is: Around 1999, growth in the United States economy stopped translating to growth in middle-class incomes.


    The choice, by Greenspan and carried on by his followers, was to enable the financialization of the US economy for the benefit of the few, at the cost of the many. As Irwin concludes, and we explained previously, Americans feel disappointed by the economy; the new data show that they have good reason.

    Source: NY Times

    *  *  *

    Perhaps, just perhaps, Rick Santelli was right after all...

    "This is America! We don't follow consensus, we set it!"

    This is what Santelli is upset about... Who is the Fed working for? Main Street or Wall Street?

  • Summarizing Obama's ISIS Strategy Endgame (In 1 Cartoon)

    Presented with liitle comment aside to ask "who could have seen 'that' coming?"



    Source: Cagle

  • Greenspan's "Irrational Exuberance" Warning In Context

    As the marginal investing bot continues to invest his marginal leveraged dollar-on-the-sideline on an equity market that, as Janet Yellen has explained to the poor, will create a "wealth effect" to sustain everyone through rainy days and retirement, we thought some context worthwhile. On December 5th 1996, Alan Greenspan - upon the recognition that equity market capitalization has bubbled to over 100% of nominal GDP - opined that investors had succumbed to "irrational exuberance." Since then, that 'exuberance' has become increasingly rational as the Fed pulls all its monetary-base expanding, deficit-funding, asset-purchases to keep the American Dream alive for a select (and shrinking) few...


    Irational-er and Irrational-er...


    But adjusted for the reality of a fiat world, things look a little different since the dot-com collapse inspired The Fed...


    As is clear - since the financial crisis, stocks have become completely dependent upon The Fed


    As The Monetary stock and flow indicate...


    And relative to debt... stocks have gone nowherefor 90 years...

    Charts: The Chart Store

    *  *  *

    "Clearly, sustained low inflation implies less uncertainty about the future, and lower risk premiums imply higher prices of stocks and other earning assets. We can see that in the inverse relationship exhibited by price/earnings ratios and the rate of inflation in the past. But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions as they have in Japan over the past decade..."

    "How" indeed, Alan, how indeed?

  • Meanwhile, Here's What The "Super-Rich" Are Rushing To Buy

    If you said shares of BABA, you'd be wrong. According to the Telegraph, the exodus out of paper wealth and into hard assets is reaching a fever pitch as the "super-rich are looking to protect their wealth through buying record numbers of "Italian job" style gold bars, according to bullion experts."

    The numbers cited by the paper are impressive: the number of 12.5kg gold bars being bought by wealthy customers has increased 243% so far this year, when compared to the same period last year, said Rob Halliday-Stein founder of BullionByPost. "These gold bars are usually stored in the vaults of central banks and are the same ones you see in the film 'The Italian Job'," added David Cousins, bullion executive from London based ATS Bullion.

    The sales of 1kg gold bars, worth about £25,000 each, have doubled during the three months ended August, when compared to the same period last year, Telegraph reports according to ATS Bullion sales figures.

    As a reminder, these are not some dinky, 1 oz coins that are being bought hand over fist: the bars which are made from pure gold and are worth more than £300,000 each at today's prices of $1,223 (£760) an ounce.

    That said, sales of the more popular, and far cheaper gold coins such as the quarter ounce sovereign and one ounce Krugerrand have also doubled this year, according to figures from BullionByPost.

    Mr Halliday-Stein said that while most customers arrange for secure storage of the larger bars in secret vaults operated by Brinks, some customers have taken physical delivery of the 12.5kg bars.

    Would they be... Chinese customers?

    But, how is it possible that as the "super rich" are supposedly rushing to buy gold that gold prices are at 2014 lows?

    Simple: as the chart below shows, there is no better way to continue masking the demand for physical gold than to keep selling paper gold, in this case via its most liquid manifestation, the GLD ETF. It is this ETF that just saw the notional value of gold "holdings" backing the paper manifestation of its "goldness", drop to just 776 tons, the lowest since 2008 and nearly half the maximum "holdings" of 1,353 tons reached in December 2012.

    In fact, as if to punctuate what we said early yesterday about the liquidation of precious metals in order to fund BABA purchases, here is the percentage change in GLD holdings on a daily basis: yesterday's 1% drop in which some 8 paper tons of gold were firesold was a 1% drop in GLD holdings, and the second biggest daily drop in all of 2014...   

    ... a drop which also pushed the price of paper gold to its lowest for 2014. And, a drop, which all those who are buying physical gold instead of paper, are thankful for.

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